Monday, November 28, 2005

November 28, 2005

Note in my diary for tomorrow morning 7am: Jill- Author of naughty books!

Yep we'll talk to Jill and anyone else about woman's por...I mean woman's romance novels.

From this morning, if you want to learn how to sing check out

Had a really neat conversation re a book on Rock Climbing, "The Warriors Way".

Two knees ago I used to climb. This sounds like a great read. Nothing weird just the cerebral side of Rock Climbing. May find this the topic one Manic Monday.

Given all the emails I've received on tomorrows show I'm going to to take a nap and eat some vitamins. See ya on the radio!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November 22, 2005

This flu sucks. It hit me like an anvil late Monday and I'm only now feeling anything close to lucid. Hope I haven't said too many stuipid things on air, well no more than I usually do!

Few housekeeping things. If you want more info on Richhard Miniter, author of disinformation, go to:

For more info on The Regional Girsl Shelter of if you can help out please call Judy Bilyeu at Metro Builders Supply 833-1113. They are located at 3252 North Glenstone. email her at:

For more info re the Salvation Army's Big Red Kettle or if you are a business and would like to have the Red Kettle for a day or more email me:

I hope that is all the housekeeping. Got a great email re the prison girls and their letters for money thing:


As much as porn--soft or hard--disgusts me to the core, I am wondering if Nixon is singling out these 33 women. Are other prisoners who are making money in a similar manner allowed to keep the money? I believe that no prisoner should be allowed to profit on-line, regardless where the money goes. They cannot vote--why should they be able to run a business? True, it may be good "training" for the business world...but these women are not going to get out and open a business. Maybe a brothel... They are paying no overhead, wages, etc, and are reaping all the benefits. they can take advantage of all the free college they can get as that "experience". it doesnt matter if they were to make $10.00 or $100,000.00; it should NOT be allowed in the first place.
Since you will not release the addresses (thank you!!), please let us know the institutions so we can complain.

At least Nixon took the money; he should stop it altogether.

Tomorrow the guys wanting to open a Jazz Bar on Commercial.

See ya on the radio!

Friday, November 11, 2005

November 11, 2005

WOW. What a great day. If you wanted to go to the flag retirement ceremony it is at Montclair Retirement Community, 1000 East Montclair Street. 1-block south of Battlefield and 1 Block north of National.

If you have never been, go and DO take the kids.

It was a great show with so many wonderful veterans. Happy Veterans Day and Glod Bless America!!

See ya on the radio!

ps the poems from the show were sent PDF files. I have to re-type them. Check back Monday.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

November 10, 2005

The Ozark Mind Set

From our show today I think values play a role in Motivation and Ambition in that they direct it...toward job or family. However sometimes that can be an excuse not to get involved. There is another explaination as laid out in this email

I listen to you everyday when I wake up for awhile and when I drive to work, total of about 30 minutes or so. I have been here since 1997 and had worked in the pest control industry until 2000. I came in contact with business owners and they have asked me if I know anyone they could hire because they just can't find anyone who is honest and/or reliable. Different kinds of business but always the same complaint. I always asked what they were paying and it was always low pay. I told them to pay more and they will get someone of the quality they want. Of course they don't and they struggle with the issue of hiring someone good.
I have worked for FIRSTUSA, BANKONE AND NOW CHASE since the latest merger. I will have been there six years in May 2006. In 2005 I make less money than I made in 2002. I am good at the job and a mentor to new people. I don't get the recognition in pay, I have not had a raise since May of 2003. It drives me nuts to see the people of Springfield put up with this manipulation. I have talked to other advisors like myself. They know jobs are limited at the pay we have and don't want to jeopardize their positions. Nothing happens and every year the company takes away more.This is the first strike against this town.
I am originally from California and grew up in Europe. My dad was in the Air Force.Culture is almost non-existent here. My daughter and I go to live plays in town and travel to St Louis often to enjoy entertainment, Zoo, Science Center etc....Second strike, no culture.
I went through a divorce, took three years and around $30,000. Talk about the good ol' boy system. I had a guardian ad litem, which helped, but was made to do things which really benefited the system of lawyers, counselors etc......I have had alot of contact with Springfields' finest at the police dept. I have been assaulted by the ex-wifes boyfriend three major times. I now have a restraining order against him. My daughter lives with me 50% of the time and the other half with her mom. Every other week basically. The boyfriend was arrested for selling LSD to an undercover cop in 1993. After many continuances he got probation. My daughter now is around this loser every other week and he allows no phone contact during the week. My daughter wants to live with me fulltime. Now I will have to get involved in the court system again and start the engine of legal fighting, which as you know is fueled by money.
Springfield doesn't want to change, we are the third largest city in Missouri. I have met some nice people but can't wait to get out of here. I will stay here because of my daughter but as soon as I can I will go West! I would like to get involved in something meaningful to change this town but it seems so overwhelming. Where do we start? I referee soccer at Lake Country and really enjoy it. I do appreciate your efforts and passion and would like this to be a progressive city. Not happening with all these good ol' boys.

See ya on the radio!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

November 9, 2005

I did not want to come accross as gloating this morning. I WAS surprised by the result of the election but incredibly gratified. I am honored to fight with each you side by side.

I believe the next issue we need to take on is the Petition to have the City of Springfield, audited. Will be announcing our initiative on that next Monday,

If you missed it here is my column from the Community Free Press on the CSI it include it here.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is due out December. I was 7 the first time I heard the story of the beautiful woman {read Witch} who lures the young boy into evil by offering him a delectable piece of candy.

So often evil comes in an inviting package.

The people of Green County are being asked to vote on The Community Safety Initiative. A laudable initiative that if approved will direct millions of dollars in new sales tax revenue to The Sheriff’s department, the County Prosecutors Office, there will even be monies available for the construction of a much needed Crime Lab.

How could anyone not support such a thing?


It is my observation that many if not most Americans have swallowed the Big Lie, “got a problem…let Government, “The Big G”, solve it for you”. Somehow a country that used to pride itself on initiative and rugged individualism has collectively decided they would rather stay on the couch and watch television while The Big G takes care of things. In fact the Big G has been taking care of more and more things lately giving us all more “couch time”.

Schools screwed up…call Big G. Kids got a problem, Mommy G. Meth, domestic violence, child abuse…”let Big G handle it I’m too busy on the couch”.

There was a time in our country when The People would take care of these problems and in fact got downright angry if Big G stuck its nose anywhere near. America was better for it. Faith based institutions actually did more than build monuments to themselves, family took care of family and neighbors knew and watched after one another.

As a conservative and as a Christian I have a duty to get up from the couch and take on what is MY responsibility. I do not believe that Government is the answer to any of my problems. I believe we the people empowered by a sovereign God {The real Big G} can find the solutions to all of our problems.

An Early Childhood Development Center is a symbol. A symbol of each one of us laying down our responsibilities to our children our family our neighbor our community and handing them all over to the care of the new god of the 21st Century…Big G.

Does the Sheriff’s department need more deputies? Yes. Does Darrel Moore need more prosecutors? Yes. Does southwest Missouri need a new crime lab? Desperately! Who then decided to wrap all this good around a Child Development Center?

Much like the candy in the story is enticing I believe the idea of a Child Development Center is attractive to a lot of people.

In either case the ultimate cost though is our soul.

See ya on the radio!