Friday, September 28, 2007

My latest Column in The Community Free Press

Are Satanists on the Square?

A question no one wants to talk about, particularly after dark on a Sunday. Although at that time you may not find anyone on the square but rather UNDER it. According to sources on the Springfield PD there are a series of tunnels that run under the down town core; one of which opens into a cavern directly beneath the City Square. This cavern shows evidence of much use, runes on the wall and bits of sacrificed animals on the ground.

Is anyone aware of this? Yes some very significant people have known for some time. Is it believed these activities are tied to the role playing game “The Masquerade” played by those found above ground on the square? Yes! There are even some who believe the murder of a woman and her two children is tied directly to some of those who play their games on and under the City’s focal point.

Have you heard about this? Unless you have been talking with someone who participates in the game or you know someone who interacts with such, probably not. Are my sources above all reproach? Yes they are and I have no problem going public with this. Will I be mocked by the foolish and non believer? Of course.

Do I care? No!

Why am I telling you this? Because there is a heart of evil beating in this city; it has been there a long time. It was there when a despicable being by the name of Hickok killed another on the square in 1865. It was there when three innocents where lynched in 1906. It was there when a woman and her two children were murdered in 1995 and it remains there today encouraging mayhem and murder and is I believe the root of much of what is weighing Springfield down today.

Oh I know we educated and sophisticated don’t speak of such things and mock and laugh at those who do but I wonder how many would want to spend a Sunday Night on the square in downtown Springfield?

As a matter of fact I am issuing a challenge to refute me on any of my craziness if you can and what’s more I am challenging those who believe in The Book to get on their knees and pray about all of this and then DO as they believe and are led.

Just do it.

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Lord please protect ALL of our troops.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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