Thursday, September 29, 2005

September 29, 2005

Of Gas and Stem Cells

I am getting so tired of being ripped off at the pump. I AM for a free market but by Milton Friedman's definition you have to have free access and free information. Access into the oil production, refining and retailing is all controlled therefore this is NOT a free market example so all you critics out there take note: you cannot use a flawed model. We ARE being ripped off to the tune of 400% increases in profits. For you Econ Majors that by definition IS Economic Rent.

One thing bugs me though and that is why did Nixon only go after retailers and why only selected ones. To cherry pick one retailer in Springfield strikes me as odd and the fines are a joke.

Stem Cells.
The Baby Mathew is going to get spanked on this. The latest research on ADULT Stem cells is show great promise for paraplegics with even some regeneration of the spinal column noted.

Money has corrupted more than one Politician. If someone tells me they are a Buddhist I expect a certain sets of behaviors and values. Similarly with a Governor who says he is a Christian and Pro-Life.

You blew this one Mathew.

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Adult Stem Cell Research:

Don't forget Minuteman Rally in front of Talent's office Sat 10 am 1721 West Elfindale

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

September 28, 2005

Keep SW Missouri Meth Cooks in Business!!

9-illegals froom Mexico busted for importing and distributing meth. Bad enough our tradesman have had to contend with cheaper illegal imigrant labor now our meth cooks are having to contend with cheaper higher quality meth from Mexico. NAFTA is screwing us all.

Walk for Life

Thank you to all those who contributed to my wife Denise's walk for life. I hope you were able to hear her story of courage and hope. She IS an incredible lady and I am honored she consented to be my wife!

If you still wanted to pledge, email me at

Remember all the money goes to help The Crisis Pregnancy Care Center in Springfield.

Help Mom there are Liberals under my Bed

FOr more info go to:

Great lady, great book.

Downtown Library

If we are going to spend money {read government} then spend it on something that makes sense. A show piece Library makes sense!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

September 27, 2005

SERVICE DUTY HONOR vs poison hate contempt

I love Ameirca!

It really is that simple. I adore our country and will do everything I can to protect her and our way of life. Trash the like written by Joan Collins and published in the Fish Wrapper MUST be exposed as the traitorous trash it is. To assert that those serving in our military are the dregs, too poor or too stupid to understand they have options is an insult not just to every soldier but every real American.

Contrast her sickening drivel with this email from my favorite Marine, Nick Ibarra:

Hello to all:

Well, this is my final letter from this country. We are done, just waiting to hop from place to place until we get home. It seems surreal. Anyhow, I have something to share with you guys. I truly do appreciate the time all of you have taken to read my letters, as well as the 90% of you who have written back. Well, I wrote a poem about being out here, and I wanted to share it with you. I wrote it for myself, to always remember; but I wanted to share it with those that I call my friends. If you are reading this that is what you are. So here goes:

From the Lexington Green to Fallujah,
Patriots have stood by one another,
In defense of our nations liberty,
Fighting with each man as a brother.

Now it is my turn to go,
And stand up for what I believe;
I will do my part to defend my nation,
I won't quit my post until properly relieved.

The sand makes the sun a litle more bright.
The beads of sweat roll down my face.
It is my first time out of the wire,
This feeling I will forever embrace.

Time has passed along with missions,
Repetitive motion has taught me to stay calm;
Thoughts often revert to the wife and kids,
And also to the 91st Psalm.

But I have to remain ready;
For when it happens, it happens fast.
And there is nothing I want less,
Than for any of us to become a memory of the past.

Now time is getting short,
But my posture remains erect.
Looking back on the time,
I begin to reflect.

I have recieved the command to lock and load,
A total of 94 times,
I wouldn't choose to do it again for a million dollars,
But wouldn't trade the memory for that 10 times.

I've carried the dead and seen the wounded,
Helpless on the stretchers they straddle,
I've been close enough to being on the other side
To make my ears ring and my brain rattle.

In time I will look to these days,
A time when my honor was always kept clean,
It will always make me stand a little taller,
Because I'm an American, because I'm a United States Marine.

Semper Fi--

SERVICE DUTY HONOR vs. poison hate contempt

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Something special on air tomorrow, my wife Denise.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

September 26, 2005

We're back!!

Going to post daily, I promise, Mon - Fri before noon.

Saturday at Camp USA was a great event, although satan's sisters tried to screw things up. Got an email from a peacemaker. This was the guy last week who called the show and wanted "documentation" and I blew off suggesting this was just someone wanting to cause trouble. He showed up Saturday, sought me out and started whispering sweet nothing in my ear about the show and all the great things we had done and how he respected me...."Danger Vince Jericho, DANGER"

Well when the incident on the other side occured our "peacemaker" was there again, playing both sides. He tried to get on the show this am with his version of the truth. I was not intersted in his version of the truth, I was there I know what happened and for what is worth I have a couple of Marines who are willing to back me up, unlike the man who earlier in the day was oh so willing to say sweet things. Now I think he would be the lead witness for the other side in a lawsuit if given the chance.

He wrote me a letter after the show and I replied. I include both. I have removed his name.

-----Original Message-----
From: __________________?
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 12:48 PM
To: Vince Jericho
Subject: the guy you don't trust, please don't delete!

Dear Vince,
Let me preface this by saying that my grandpa served during WWII, my dad served during Korea, my brother is in the navy, my nephew is in the marines, and I tried to join the military but was rejected because of health reasons. I voted for Bush, and I believe he is trying to do good and that he is a good man. That is why I chose to go to the Camp USA side, because I agree with you that I do not want to have our troops feel that they are not supported and that we are not trying to do things that are good in Iraq. I also agree that the time for debate was before we had men committed to life and death situations.

I hope you will take time to read this rather lengthy e-mail and hopefully answer me back.
I am the man that you did not trust because I was talking to people on both sides. I am sad that you do not trust me and that you felt you needed to hang up on me. However, I think you should not have hung up on me. I apologize since I should have spoken to you in private and not on the air. That was a mistake on my part. I do not think you are an abuser! I do admire and respect you. I consider myself a seeker of truth, and I look to you as one of my sources, as well as ideas about what is right and wrong, good and bad. I was not the first to go over to the other side; before even going, I did want to do so because I have a dream of being a sort of bridge to help to bring people together. Again, about what happened with the young man, I understand getting upset, I am sad to say I have a problem with anger, and I am working on improving that. And it seemed you might as well. Your chest did touch his and you took a few steps toward him while he backed up. He claimed you stepped on his toes, but I did not see that. It did not appear as innocent as you may remember it. Still, you did not touch him with your hands as others had claimed. I also think it is important to confront people, and I especially liked when you talked to the man who accused you of editing the tape. I was very pleased to know you would be playing the whole tape on Sunday.

I am not so interested in tolerance that I do not want to stand up for what I believe to be right. One example of that is homosexuality. Even if there is a genetic component of their desire, I think that is something that is important to overcome; just like a temptation one might have to cheat on one's wife or to be a pedophile. I believe that in the long run these sins will not bring them or others to happiness, and God wants them to resist those temptations. I believe in the importance of the family.

The reason I wanted to get some of the information on your blog is because I work with a great number of people who do not support Bush, and I want to be able to talk with them intelligently and persuasively about the war.

Once again, I was and will continue to stand up for you, and again, I apologize that I confronted you on your show -- that was a real mistake on my part.
One of the youth over there was very grateful that several of us went over and talked to them. We were able to make one another really think about our positions.

I guess the reason I was nervous the other day is because I am a bit confused about what I support. I do believe in some things very strongly. One of those things is that this country was founded by men who were inspired of God and that God has a real interest in what this country does. I too do not agree with the way I want people to get along, I do not want to appease evil, I do want to stand up to it. I am glad that Saddam is gone, I would love it if we could do that in more parts of the world. Boy it is hard to say all I think because I am still unsure. But one thing I am sure of is that we are all brothers and sisters and that God loves us all and that he wants us to get along as best we can; still, if we are not guilty of the first offense nor of the second then God does not want us to suffer our enemies to destroy us. I think there is truth and error on both sides, but still, I spent most of my time on the Camp USA side. I did not like how Camp USA side was yelling and swearing at the other side. I liked that you said we should not do that I wish that more had done that. Actually most did do it but there were a few. I asked you for info on things like the 9/11 commision report and the support of Iraq for Al Quaeda also.
We have had a difficult time with this -- you have not trusted nor liked me since the first time I called. I hope to change that. I hope to learn from you, but I hope we can learn from one another.

Thank you,

My Reply


Appreciate your openness. Given your handle I am sure you can understand the legal position my enemies would like to put me in. Beyond that given the success of the show and our courage in confronting {and no confronting a 16 year old is not courage} I have become a very large target locally. Both times when I went over to "The other side" I went over respectfully and more than willing to give them their say. I was greeted with name calling talking over and abuse. I think I am a few years older than you. I once was a conciliator or tried to be. It does not work. The level of hysteria has risen on both sides to the point where people talk at not to one another.

I believe in the Bible and a personal savior, Jesus Christ. I believe we are in a time where the enemy is so blinded and dogmatic there will be no dialogue just war. HEAR ME CLEARLY ON THIS PLEASE; I am not advocating violence but I do believe there are analogies between now and Old Testament times. People love to throw out the gentle side of Jesus while forgetting he is part of a Holy Trinity that got so fed up with man they wiped out the whole of the earth save one family. A God who told the Israelites to wipe out whole countries, men woman AND children. God is not a wimp and plays for keeps. The Bible says on that day {judgment} many will say "Lord, Lord didn't we prophesei and cast out demons in your name" and God will say "Away from me I never knew you." Judgment IS coming and for a lot of people it will not be a "happy time". I look into the eyes of many on that side and they were so filled with hate and anger. Did our side have a few wing nuts? Yes but there was a lot more love of country and God than I saw in the "Peace" camp.

Now IS a time to STAND.
Now is a time to know WHAT and WHY you are standing.

People who try to play both sides no matter what their stated motives will never have my trust. I can respect a man who disagrees with me and knows why. I will not respect or make allowances for, anyone who takes the middle ground.

Best of ALL things,

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