Monday, October 31, 2005

October 31, 2005

First its raining and going to keep on so PLEASE slow down tonight and watch out for the munchkins!

Second here are some great links to check out the President's Supreme Court nominee:,_Jr.

Third conclusive proof liberals and the ACLU are brain damaged:

See you on the radio!

Friday, October 28, 2005

October 28, 2005

I wish it were different but the reality is there are predators among us. Please do all you can to keep your children safe this Halloween. To help you here are links you need to check and discuss with your children BEFORE they "trick or treat".

Then to map things out and get some arials:

Lots to talk about on Monday...Be safe and we'll see you on the radio!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October 25, 2005

The Meth Summit really is an event that everyone should attend.

To learn more about Dr. Mary Holley go to:

Susan York

The Meth Summit takes place in Bolivar, Friday, October 28th @ 7pm. Saturday, October 29th @ 1 pm.

Directions: Highway 13 North to Highway 32 East. Go through the Bolivar Square 3 blocks to Albany, turn left. Go 3 blocks to Intervention Ministries Center at corner of Albany & Locust.

I have been asked to write a column for Community Free Press on my position re Community Safety Initiative. Form your own opinion here's the proposal.

See you on the radio!

Monday, October 24, 2005

October 24, 2005

After a show like this morning's I tend to end up just empotionally spent.

For those of you who caught our segment with Brenda Castalgo and want to discuss what can be done to change state laws and thus give parents more say over their children please email me:

If there is enough interest we will put together a public information meeting in November and start organizing.

Mara Salvatrucha

We should all be very afraid but not to the point we allow ourselves to become paralysed.

For more information please check out the following links:

I am going to continue to "educate" for a bit yet and then we will organize a public meeting. We have a lot of work to do right now and need to put the pressure on Finnie, Rowe and Carlson.

Lastly the link for our Nano Technology guy:

Fascinating I thought. Any thoughts comments or ideas, drop me a note. Till then see ya on the radio!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18, 2005

First here are all the links you need on Gangs:

I hope I am not whistling to an empty room on all this. It is very frustrating to know more than you can say, to know the threat is real, to know your city is in danger and yet not be able to get the message through. If I have any credibility in your mind please do some research, ask questions of police officers you trust, check with credible people and you will find I am NOT blowing the threat out of proportion.

Closing one night club after another only moves the problem around it does not solve it. We need to make the city understand they have to take more direct action. Closing bars to anyone under 21 would help, so too would extending hours and letting people slowly disperse rather than a mob of drunks all at once.

Ideas, possible solutions please let me know.

See you on the radio!

Friday, October 14, 2005

October 14, 2005

Incredible turn out for our first Fair Tax Rally. Close to 100 people mid week and on a night the Cards were playing. Thank you to everyone who made the evening a success. I told you Gary Floyd was a knowledgeable speaker.

As to our friend and his hate mail, Denise has a few words to say:

This letter is in response to the person who accused Vince of using me for ratings.

When I heard about the Walk 4 Life Event, I approached Vince and asked him if I could come on the show to promote the Pregnancy Care Center and share my story.

I am not ashamed to talk about what has happened in my life. God has given me many opportunities to minister to and encourage women and men who have been through similar situations.

My story is my testimony. God has met me in very profound ways and shown me the truth of forgiveness. The scriptures say that it is "the truth (that) sets us free." If I can only touch one more person, by being on Vince's show, then so be it. But I touched more than one person. Many have responded with encouraging letters. Many had the opportunity to hear God's truth of freedom in forgiveness. And you had the opprotunity to hear the truth of God's empowerment.

It is by God's grace that I am saved and also by God's grace that I speak out on the radio, in the work place, and any other place that God shows me that someone needs to hear from Him. It is His testimony not mine, He gave it to me.

Do not try to make Vince out to being some low life. He is a good man. I adore him and gladly sat beside him to share my story. Vince has courage and conviction. He speaks his heart and takes the jabs continuing to do great things to make our community a better place. I am proud of him.

I don't know who you are. But this letter is from Denise Jericho

See ya on the radio!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October 11, 2004

I had someone send me the latest of Charlie Daniels Blog. Worth the read I think.

First Hand Account
Most of us know only what we have read in the press or seen on television insofar as what has happened in the city of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. And anyone who has ever dealt with the media knows that they report what they want to. They leave a lot out and emphasize the things that they want to impress us with.It is always good to get another view from a different perspective.I have a friend who works with a forensic team, which is called in after major catastrophes with major loss of life.He worked in New York after 9-11 and was called to New Orleans due to the tremendous undertaking to identifythe hundreds of bodies in New Orleans after the levees broke.Below are some of his first hand impressions. I will warn you that they are graphic and shocking, so if you’re squeamish you’d best stop reading right here.“I learned a long time ago about the press. Never is the truth told.However, I can share with you some firsthand news. Things I saw with my own eyes.Fetuses, unborn babies came through morgue operations that literally fell out of victims of Katrina running from the floodwaters. Lots of fetuses.Poverty? One victim across my table had $8,000.00 cash in his pocket.Another victim had $6500.00 cash. These folks are loaded with cash. Big time cash.Gators and dogs are feeding on human remains, limbs chewed off, guts eaten out, ears chewed off, maggot infestation and human behavior like I have never witnessed before.Every pharmacy looted down to nothing. All drugs looted from every pharmacy. Drug crazed people everywhere.Imagine, tens of thousands of people in the Superdome, high on every drug available, topped off with whiskey, sex going on all over the playing field. That’s the true picture. Draw your own conclusions.I can tell you that the entire city of New Orleans smells exactly like the morgue I was stationed in. And remember, these same gators, dogs, and other animals are excreting human flesh and human organs as waste with every known virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, and spore known to man. Dead alligators are lying in the medians of I-10. It was totally disgusting, denigrating, repulsive, wicked, evil, and every adjective you can think of associated with evil and lunacy. Complete chaos, anarchy, bedlam, madness on a scale like I never witnessed before. I caught a glimpse of the ultimate worse of human behavior and better realized why Jesus wept.It was because he could not imagine how his people can be that disgusting, cruel, immoral, and inhuman. Evil to the nth degree, exponential 1000. It made me sick to my stomach.”End quotes.This is not a pretty picture and one that I’m sure some people had just as soon not been revealed, but the truth is the truthand for the honest horror of this tragic event to be realizedthe truth needs to be told.Pray for our troopsWhat do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie DanielsOctober 10, 2005

Don't forget Fair Tax Rally, 6:30 pm, Thursday Night, Clarion Hotel, 3333 South Glenstone.

See you on the radio

Monday, October 10, 2005

October 10, 2005

The Community Safety Initiative

I do not have the time for an exhaustive explanation of my opposition to this "new tax" but I would like to dedicate a few lines if I might.

Is it possible that by creating an "Early Childhood Development Center" we will over time lower the crime rate? Yes, there even appears to be studies and statistics to lead one to believe that is exactly what will happen.

As a conservative this is a difficult thing to argue against however values, what a person says they believe in and then what they really live are the only real criteria by which we can measure integrity.

My beliefs political and spiritual are such that I could never give over or away Parental rights and privileges. I can appreciate that if we intervene with a Government Program we may see a downward blip in the crime rate but what we will not be able to measure is our ever increasing creep toward socialism, One more thing we have given over to an all knowing and benevolent Government that has our best interests at heart and fundamentally is far better equipped to raise children.

It is not the most contemporary of works but I urge you to read Huxley's "Brave New World". This book was written in the late 19th or early 20th century yet it is frightening how clearly he was able to see what the future would look like.

Free sex with no conscious, genetically selected children and The State raising and conditioning children so they would better fit in; be happier and more productive.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You can call me an alarmist but I am alarmed at how many freedoms we have lost and how quickly we seem to be willing to give away yet another.

See you on the radio!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

October 6, 2005

Denise is down with a cold so we'll have to wait another day or to to read her reaction to our friends email.

Got an excellent email that built on this mornings discussion.


You're right about the need to wake up the true conservatives in the area and the country, too. However outside of the abortion debate and the degradation of television, most Christian churches preach a message that counters that of a conservative political position. Don't confuse Religious Right with Conservatism. They're similar but not identical. Church leaders often preach tolerance, passivity and charity. All are good intentions and all are deemed to be "Christ-like." But I'd proffer that the position should be modified to stress self-sufficiency, hard work and thrift, too.

One-by-one, our politicians have steadily been reduced to cash-sucking pups at the teat of the special interest groups. "Follow the money" is more than an oft used phrase. No matter local, state or federal, access the representatives is sold in wholesale fashion brokered by those in staff positions of the various Reps and Senators.

Over the past three decades, the nation has changed and we've steadily allowed ourselves to be converted into a nation of entitled elite softies. I challenge you to name another country where the poor are overweight! We're a glutinous, undisciplined, pop-culture-worshipping lot bent on self gratification. We've slid down the slope of easy entitlements and expect the government to take care of us and demand action when it does not.

Mr. Bush's legacy while deemed by many to be the various appointments to the Supreme Court and the Federal bench, will instead really be the dissolution of the conservative movement. Its easy to be conservative when your belly is full and your wallet is fat. True conservatives don't take the government hand-outs.

Come see us today at Business Expo and all weekend at Farm Expo.

Fair Tax Rally next Thursday evenjing 6:30 pm, Clarion Hotel in Springfield

Pick up our feature author of the week, Toney Blankly at Heritage Book Store, South Campbell.

See you on the radio!

Monday, October 03, 2005

October 3, 2005

Can you feel the love in this one. Besides the cheap uneducated and cowardly shot at my wife, what really cracks me up is after all the shotgun blasts he asks for my help. Huh????

To: Vince Jericho
Subject: accountablility

Mr. Jericho,
I'm feeling compelled to sit and write you this letter on the basis of holding you accountable like you seem to want to do to everyone else. Why do you get on the show and blab on about people who arent listening to you? Lets take Monday mornings's show- after a big protest last weekend you got on the air trying to act like you just had the roughest weekend making comments like "Im getting all kinds of opposition folks" and really hamming it up. You sounded like a big whinebag- it was ridiculous. What was actualy worse was when you started lashing out at that leader of the peace group when you know that she's not listening to
you- it sounded HORRIBLE. Monday morningo's show was one of the worse that I have heard. What really pushed it over the top was when you said that you wanted to get some security or maybe even a few guardian angels out there to back you up- come on pal, if the guardian angels are so needed then they dont have time to be out guarding you from what your big mouth can get you into. The last thing you really need is security out there- what you DO need is to learn to control your mouth- of course since youve been beat, kicked, stabbed im sure you think your invinceable- your not!

Your going to come up against someone who is going to clean your clock and then leave your cripped wife and kids all alone and a burden on the government which your so critical of. At least calm down at events for the sake of your family. When your at public events consider your appearance and your actions- look at the pictures on the website, the ones for Cider days with the uncombed mop and the hat was just rediculous. When your out there at puiblic events your representing not only the cause and the show but the station as well.
If you dont want to station to look like a bunch of Hoosiers then take your appearance into consideration.

I understand that you like to go for the "hippy" vibe but at least try to look like a hippy that is clean. I tell you these things to hold you accountable and make you aware of what you may not realize. I think Kortny doing the weight loss thing and focusing on her appearance is POSITIVE. I seen her at some of the events (Auto Magic and a couple others) and she has always looked nice and been a good reflection of the station and integerity of the station and show and now she looks even better. Kudo';s to Kortny

Next issue.......
Wednesday I was listening to the show and you started in about not having a downtown library- I thought it was funny when people called in and started telling you �HELLO- WE DOOOOOOO HAVE A DOWNTOWN LIBRARY! Of course like EVERYTHING else- the one we have just isnt good enough. Funny thing is- if they were to build one you'd cry that it wasnt big enough OR that it was too big, or SOMETHING else- regaurdless of what was done youd find SOMETHING to gripe about. Where does the city REALLY need a library? The SOUTH side of town, take the area of independence and Glenstone- the closest library to that section is the library center (south) Campbell or the brentwood branch (seminole- behind the community blood center) that area needs one more than one at the square!

Next issue.......
Your stand against James River Assembly is unmerited and just off base. That church has done A LOT for our community and for you to not get your way with one issue and start to try to strong arm money out of them is just wrong. That church seen the need for hurricane relief and raised OVER 1/4 million in less than a week from the congregation to help the people in need- THATS effective Christianity. I dont agree with everything as in regaurds to their doctrine and some other things BUT what they are doing is an overall good thing. You have talked down to them for a LONG time before you invited that pastor on to promote their circus that they put on for the 4th of July (the biggest event in the history of missouri). I dont see why they SHOULD give any money to a cause that your trying to lead. Its looked like your crime lab has just fizzeled. The last progress that I heard on the air was "I've got some things working behind the scenes"- Come one Vince.

If you REALLY want to meet with the pastors from James River, you HAVE to go about it a different way. If you cared about the crime lab more than the ratings of you show, youd swallow your PRIDE and call them, apologize and ask whoever over there for a meeting- ONE ON ONE- NOT ON AIR, and talk about the facts. The congregation at James River is BIGGER than your listening audience.

THINK ABOUT THAT. If you would handle yourself correctly you COULD get something done. You mentioned a few weeks ago that you kinda prefered when your daughters school teachers feared you and when you "got in their face" it always got things done. This isnt the way that anyone that has integerity works- the leadership of that church HAS integerity. A good comparison is the way that President Bush dealt with Ciny Sheehan (im sure I have mispelled her name- I apologize about that),Bush had enough integerity that he really was just above the situation and didnt need to deal with her and didnt have to deal with her.
Replace those people with you as Cindy and President Bush with John Lindell or ANYONE on the pastoral
staff- they just dont feel the need to deal with you, mainly because of their perception of you through your actions and words.

Next issue........
Hypocrisy, You were barking this morning about chrstians who are hypocrites, how do you justify that?
You get on air day after day hour after hour and claim to be a Christian while using some of the most fould language a (christian) talk host could use. If your going to say youre a christian PLEASE clean up the way you live. Theres a scripture that says something along the lines 'in your anger, dont sin'. If you want to be "angry and standing up for whats right' thats fine- just at least make an effort to live according to what you are claiming to be. Its funny to me that you call Christians who doesnt hop on board board with you, you call a hypocrite. A couple months back you were griping that James River advertises in the News Leader and calling that hypocritical- if that IS hypocritical then yourself being the program director carrying a show like Neal Boortz, who has an OPPOSITE view of what you claim to stand for is hypocritical. Boortz hold view that are directly contradictory to yours, the stations, your shows, and Gods, how can it be that you carry his show and not consider yourself a hypocrite. Back in August you had a guy that called in and made some ignorant remark and then hung up and then you called him dumb A _ _ and then proceeded to keep going with it and then have a twist on the word was just NOT what a christian man would do. If you did lose your cool for a second you would have apologized for it and then went on about the show. Im trying my best to use actual examples to help you realized what im talking about.

Next issue.........
Why is it that you cant find ANYTHING positive to talk about as in reguards to our country, our gonvernment, our city, our county, or any church in the area? Its odd that all you do is complain about the politicians and our gonvernemt and then at the end of the show 'this is STILL the greatest country' If you dont like the way this country is run then go find someother country. Try to at least come up with something good to say about the wonderful country that we live in.
All the negativity gets old after awhile- I find myself changing the station more often lately- I generaly go to Mike Gallager on 1340 if your show becomes unbearable.
I know that theres a part of you that ISNT in this and making issues for the ratings, and I can appriciate that- all of us would like to see changes here and there but try to at least be able recognize people when they DO accomplish something. An example is when James River Assembly seen the need for hurricane relief and raised the money from the congregations pocket and sent medical teams down to help people- and if I understand it right, they were RUNNING a hospital down there and helping victims- yet you had to much pride to at least acknowlege they WERE doing something positive. Convoy of Hope is a GREAT organization and from talking to them, MOST (not all but most) of the people that run that place attend James River and that church sent MULTIPLE trucks out to the disaster via Convoy of Hope and covered the cost. Do you have so much pride that you cant at least say- 'I dont agree with everything they do but I have to say James River has done a good job stepping up to the need in LA.'
You cant stomach the idea that they ARE doing some good.
I have a sister that was raped and I would have loved to see evidence get processed quicker- im the first to stand up and say that having a crime lab here WOULD be a good thing, I dont think its practical- but I think it would be a good thing. Me personaly being effected by crimes and would have been benifited by having a crime lab here- I still dont have anything against a church that is doing something good but not coughing up the money to buy a crime lab.

Next Issue.......
Wednesdays show- I thought it was EXTREMELY tacky of you getting your wife on the show and exploiting her disability and really tugging on the emotions of people to get them to pledge money- that was WRONG!
Ive met Denise, when I shook her hand I knew that she was a sweet lady and then when I heard you introducing her on the radio I felt someone kick me in the stomach because I just felt so bad for her that you were out parading your wife like that. You were saying thats its her idea but its YOUR job as her husband to protect her and putting her out like that was not protection but exploitaion. If you were sensative to what shes going through instead of out trying to be a hero you would have told her that youd mention it on the radio and push for the donations. Instead you seen a way to out her out there and take advantage of a sad situation.

Next issue.........
For the sake of the station who carries the greats like Bill ORielly, Hannity, Savage, Ingram try to clean it up a bit and lighten up. There are mornings that people dont want to be bombarded with negativity as soon as they wake up. There are certain things and people that SHOULD be called out and held accountable but just picking everyone apart for every little thing just doesnt work on a long term basis. I remember the Bible saying something like 'take the beam out of your eye before complaining about the speck in anothers eye (it may say your brothers eye)' Im no expert on the bible so I may have that off just a bit, but since you are also a bible scholar im sure you know the passage that im talking about and youre able to correct me on that as well.
Im a fairly loyal listener and I listen from 6:00-7:00 and then depending on my work load in the A.M. I listen till the end or like I mentioned before I'll switch to 1340 at 8:00. I just feel its important to hold you accountable and take you to task on a few issues since from what Ive gathered im not the only one who feels this way.

Im considering entering the 'blogeshphere' what do you think is the best blog host.

I think I'll take this clown on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

See you on the radio!