Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh my gosh!

Don't think about it, don't find something else to do; just copy and paste this into your browser and then spend 2 minutes getting blown away!

Sarah Palin

OK. She is NOT the second coming, she is NOT the "chosen one", she is just a woman but what a woman. No not her looks....her politics. This lady has almost single handedly resurrected the conservative hopes for 2008.

As you would expect the FLAAPL's {Flaming Liberal Anti-American Pagan Lunatics} are doing all they can to destroy the "hockey mom" from Alaska including "fabricating" stories.

No Vince say it isn't so, FLAAPL's telling LIES!

Here are some links for you to bookmark.

If you have found a good site that debunks the FLAAPL - trap let me know.

See ya on the radio!