Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's in a word?

There is a lot of debate on what no means relative to the vote on the Community Safety Initiative. As you may remember Green County voters turned back this tax imitative which would have provided funds for the County Prosecutor and Sheriff as well as providing funds for Springfield Police a Crime Lab and the infamous Child Development Center.

Despite the overwhelming majority of those who voted saying no there is a growing effort to secure all the funds necessary to go forward with one part of the initiative, namely The Crime Lab. Both Papa and Baby Blunt have promised millions but the City/County need to raise about a million bucks to secure the promised Government dollars. By the way those “Government” dollars are your dollars paid faithfully each April.

At first there were those at the city who resisted the effort, not on principal but rather hurt feelings and bitterness at the rejection of their pet project – The Child Development Center. But when a group of Bankers approached Tom Finnie with a too good to be true loan deal, The City Manager quickly brought certain elected officials back in line, So now the public relations battle begins trying to convince the people and each other that no does not mean no in the case of the Crime Lab.

I find myself in strange territory on this in that I agree with Finnie and want to see the Crime Lab built. What is sad even pathetic is The City of Springfield while celebrating No not being No is also celebrating their own ineptitude. As much as I respect Paul Summers, one of the more outspoken opponents to the Child Development Center, I do not agree with his contention that this component of the CSI that led to the iniatives defeat. Rather after talking to hundreds of listeners I have no doubt whatsoever that what voters were rejecting was the politicians themselves. In the majority of people’s minds Finnie, Carlson and others at the city of Springfield have zero credibility. There somewhat dubious track record in handling and spending the people’s money and the subterfuge in explaining how money would vs. was spent has left most voters with a very bad case of halitosis and a deep reluctance to give another penny to Finnie, Carlson et al.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


It is amazing to me how many people are uncomfortable in a man expressing emotion. Beyond that how liberals will stoop to any level to take a cheap shot. Liberal Bloggers are abuzz this morning because I dared to say on my program I was hurt and cried over someone I believed was my friend betraying me. Somehow this makes me weak. Amazing that Clinton can say he feels their pain and he is deified but someone who actually expresses honest emotion is ridiculed…oh I forgot I am a conservative and Liberal rules only extend to liberals. Free speech, great for liberals but let a Conservative speak out and well we’ve got to enact hate speech legislation to stop that.

Let me ask all you liberals an honest question. If you had a friend, a friend who told you they loved you, respected you and then lied to you and purposefully went out of their way to hurt you would you be hurt? Are you capable of any sort of real emotions or are you all so filled with hate and spite that you expect betrayal and hurt from everyone else including your friends?

I live my life by a set of rules. The name on my Citizenship and Social Security Card reads: Vincent David Jericho and Vincent David Jericho stands up everyday and very publicly lives by the rules he has set out. I don’t hide behind anonymous posts and I do not ambush people because I believe people deserve to know up front what your agenda is. Someone who has to resort to ambush or anonymous posts cannot by definition be proud of themselves or what they stand for. Why else would they resort to subterfuge or stay hidden in the shadows.

My name IS Vincent David Jericho and I'll see you on the radio.