Friday, May 30, 2008

Letters to "Dave" serving Over There!

Vince, please pass this along to all of "our" soldiers in the middle east.

Dave, and all of the men and women serving in the military during this difficult time. I am a retired USAF officer so you know my connection with the military. My wife,Connie and I are very grateful for what each of you are doing to protect our freedom. Words cannot express enough our appreciation and admiration...I have to believe many, many Amercians feel the same. We have a soon to be(June 3) sixteen year old grandson who knows the value of freedom and very definitely respects the men and women serving. He assures us that he is not alone and that many of his peers feel the same way. I see great admiration in his eyes when our thoughts and discussions center on the Middle East and the War on Terrorism. Yes, the younger generation ..."gets it" despite what you may being hearing newswise. Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you and will be always.

Good morning Dave,
Hope this letter finds you & your fellow soldiers well & in good spirits. It is 10:17 A.M on Friday May 30 2008. Vince read the email you had sent to him this morning. It is good to hear from any one serving over seas. I myself am a former Marine but was never sent overseas but have several friends who were in the sand box. Having never been to war I will not pretend to know everything that you guys must be going through. As per your email you do stand on the shoulders of giants, but someday you will be those giants & a new breed of soldiers will be trying to fill your shoes. Myself & countless others here at home have the upmost respect for you soldiers. It doesn't matter what branch you're in or what your M.O.S. is. It is the fact that you raised your hand & you chose to serve. So since your there & I'm not you have all my respect. Best of luck to you & all those around you. Be safe & keep your head down. Hopefully when you get back home there will be bands & parades. But if there's not, I hope you can find comfort in a job well done & the gratitude of one brother to another.
Semper Fi

Hi Dave,

I heard on the KSGF this morning that you and your fellow guys needed emails to help cheer you up. There are a lot of us here in America that sure owe you guys a lot. You and those with you have done something that most of us have never had the guts to do – and that is to step up to the plate, put on a US military uniform and fight for our country. Sometimes I feel guilty for not joining the military when I was younger. I always thought basic training would be fun..figured a good tough farm girl would have no problems with it….who knows how naive I was, but I always considered myself stronger and tougher than most and figured it would be fun to join up. But, my heart was in agriculture and there were not any jobs in the military that dealt with what I wanted to do in ag. I hope that my job is important. I hope I help people, educate folks, help them make a better living for themselves. To offset the guilt I sometimes feel for letting others fight my countries battles, I try telling myself that after the military, agriculture has to be the most important job. If it wasn’t for the farmers, the world would starve. If it wasn’t for the military I would never have had the right to be in the field I love. So, thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

I don’t understand those who do not support the war. I hate war, I wish we could all hold hands and sing and roast marshmallows (especially the coconut ones..yum) but we can’t. We have to defend this nation and we have to defend those who cannot defend themselves – the Iraqi people. We have women over here hollering about how the military is allowing our young men and women to die but yet those same women said nothing about the treatment of women and children over in Iraq. They have said nothing about the rape rooms, the torture, the shear misery that Sudam and his fellows imparted upon the people. I realize that America cannot save the world, but shouldn’t we save those we can and blow a few terrorists away in the process??? Just makes sense to me.

Again, thanks and I hope you know how special you and your fellow military guys and gals are.


Dear Dave,

I didn’t have time to get the entire scenario about this letter. But because it’s to, and about some of my personal hero’s, the military: I decided to take a little time and write you a letter to reinforce the idea that as an entity; you and your buddies there are certainly appreciated by the real people of this country!

I’ve walked a few miles in your shoes. Well, boots really. But you get the idea. I too have put my (now) fat ass on the line for the stupid ingrates in this country. I went into combat for the U.S. Marines as a non-com in Viet Nam on three occasions. First with the highly politicized Air America flying out of Thailand to support the guys flying helo’s out to pick up their downed colleagues. We were flying those old propeller driven A-6’s that were left over from WW2. But, they got us there and back. And against the poorly armed Vietnamese that we were lighting up at around 300 miles per hour, they worked well. To tell the truth, it was a hoot every time we came across a dugout crossing the Mekong River importing explosives into Thailand for the Communists. When we blew them up it sent enough dead fish down the river to feed the next village down stream for a week.

Then after a time back home I went back over with 3rd Div Recon and was attached to A Co. S-2, 3rd Tank Bn. near the “de-militarized zone” in I Corps, South Viet Nam. Where I guess I got a little careless because I ended up in the hospitals two times and was later evacuated out to the States on the last trip.

Much of what you guys are going through today is similar to what we experienced back in those days. The sort of stuff that you can’t quite explain to folks well enough so that they really get it! You know, if you haven’t been there you can’t really fathom what really happens. Personally I think that it’s tougher on you guys today than it was on us. We had the good fortune to have a tough enemy who was poorly fed, armed, and supported. Where as you are having to fight an enemy who benefits from the “FLAPLS” ( Flaming Lunatic Anti-American Pagan Left-wing Socialists ) in this country as well as the Communist inspired murdering A-rabs that hate everyone, there.

You guys and girls (wait, we didn’t have any girls with us) will make it out and it’s then up to you ALL to get into politics to work for our country to return to the values that we all shared in days gone by. We didn’t do that in our day and look what’s happened to our country now. We have a society that believes that it’s up to you and me to protect them and put our lives and futures at risk for them. They don’t care what happens with us (mostly you). As long as it doesn’t impact upon them. It’s taught to them in schools today.

So take good care of each other out there. You are the only thing that’s keeping the Islamic terrorists out of the shopping malls here. And be comforted in the thoughts that many of us here are praying for your safe return.
Semper Fi

Hello Dave,
Just a note to thank you and your fellow soldiers for what you are doing over there. I am always impressed by someone who puts their civilian lives on hold and voluntarily puts themselves in harm's way.
Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Hang in there--though the main stream media continues to spew its bad news, the majority of Americans are supporting you and your efforts to bring freedom to the people of Iraq and defeat radical Islamic terrorism around the world.
Thank you for your service to our country.

Hey Dave, we will keep you in our prayers and thoughts, it is men and women like you that keep this country the strongest in the world. Thank you for your sacrifice.
Keep your powder dry and stay safe.
God Bless all of you.

Dear Dave and fellow servicemen and servicewomen,
My father volunteered in World War II and was in Patton's Army in Europe. My uncle served in the Pacific theater in World War II. Neither of them would talk about their war time experience after the war. I grew up during the Vietnam era when the military was held in contempt. I have been a physician in Springfield for the last eight years and have numerous current and past military personnel in my practice. From speaking with them, I have developed a great respect and admiration for all of our citizens in the military, especially the ones that are willing to pick up a rifle, go into harm's way, and defend our freedom. Thank you for all that you do for our country. You will be in our prayers.

Brothers in Arms,

It was not long ago, or at least it seems, I stepped off of an airplane and hugged my son for the first time in a year.
In my cammies, the onlookers knew the importance of the hug… they applauded.
At that time more than any other I felt the importance of what I had done.
I felt American.

Maybe its at a gas station, maybe its driving down the road on a hot afternoon.
It’s not every day, sometimes a week goes by… but somebody notices my “Iraq Vet” bumper sticker.
Maybe it’s another veteran thanking me, or a citizen that never served giving a salute.
It makes me feel the importance of what I have done. It makes me feel American.

It doesn’t matter how hot the day is.
It doesn’t matter how sleepless the night is.
What you do matters.
You are American.

When I drive with my hand out the window,
On a cool sping or warm summer day,
I have no one else to thank but you,
For the price that you are willing to pay.

When I am at my grill,
Watching my children safely play,
I have no one else to thank but you,
For the price you are willing to pay.

Like many others who have gone before you, you are the few in your generation that is willing to do what is right, honorable and just. Words cannot describe the gratitude that my family and I have for what you did yesterday, what you are doing today, and what you will do tomorrow.

May God be with you. May your hearts be at peace. May the 91st Psalm lead the way.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Your thankful brother,

Dear Dave over there:

I have no idea who you are or the buddies that are with you, but I wanted to thank you guys for being willing to step up and save the rest of us. I know that as long as you are over there, I will not have problems with those guys coming over here.
Also, as a prosecutor, I could not do my job here had it not been for fellows like you. God bless you and all of the people you serve with. May God protect you and bring all of you home safely.

Dear Vince,

Please forward this on to Dave if you think it's worthy. If not, please tell me how I can improve expressing my thoughts and feelings. Also feel free to edit it as necessary for the your blog should you put this there.

The corner flag I told him about is available here: or DeskFlag 1.0.3

The desktop wallpaper is attached.

Thanks for all you do for our military,

Your loyal listener,

Dear Dave and Company,

This is just a reminder that some of us in the U.S. truly appreciate what you are doing for us by your heroic service in the Armed Forces. I had a brother (now deceased) who was in the Navy 25 years, then worked for NASA. And I have a son-in-law who is currently in the Air Force and has been for more than 20 years.

I know you make many sacrifices to do your job. I know that it takes a special "calling" to say "yes" to being in the Armed Forces. And it is a difficult task at best.

I also believe that you are among the very blessed people on earth, in a sense. For one thing, you get tested every day. And you have the courage of your convictions, without a doubt. (That's not to say you aren't afraid or discouraged, especially when you're tired to the bone.)

I believe that you are God's ambassadors, spreading His love throughout the land. You are making a difference every day by the work you're doing.

I have a prayer partner who prays with me every week. Every single time we pray, we pray for all of you in the military. We ask God to keep His holy angels with you 24/7 and ask that they will use every weapon in their arsenal to keep you alive and safe. We pray that God will help you to focus on your job, to be always aware of your surroundings, to be careful in every way, and that you will also ask the Lord to be with you. We also pray for your families and as God to be with them and to help them network together for greater strength, etc.

Please know that we will not forget you; we will always pray for your safety and wellbeing; and we will continue to ask God to help you make a difference with people everywhere.

Remember Jesus' words, "Come unto Me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Look unto Him for your strength. Ask Him to carry the load for you.

We love you and can't wait until you're safely home again.

From one of your fans in the U.S.,

Dear Dave,
It does not matter that I don't know what is hurting your heart because our Heavenly Father does.
He knows the end from the beginning. He knows that trials, tribulations and heartaches do make us stronger.
He does not (always) keep things from us that are so hurtful and troubling. These are the things that cause us to grow into the person He wants us to be.
Children have growing pains but so do adults. We are growing into the ones He would have us to be.
We are growing more character, strength, wisdom and love.
We are forever trying to grow into His image.
Since desserts are fun to eat, they do not give us the grit we need. They might be considered the fun things of life.
Meats, veggies, and fruits are the things that allow our bodies to grow stronger.
My prayer for you dear Friend, is to listen very carefully, submitting yourself, and confessing that you are unable to do this thing alone. May God Bless you. In Christ,

May God bless and keep you and your families in his utmost care. We in our
family say a prayer of thanks each and every day for you all in our
military. We stand firm in our resolve to support our military! You are
true heroes, we believe and support all that are doing and will be
cheerleaders for you all till the job is done and you can return home.
We who live in the very freedom you provide owe you a debt that can never
be paid in full. But we pray that God will shine his light and blessings
upon each and every one of you and your families.
Thanks again.

To the brave people overseas…

I work for a company of 50-60 people. Everyone that I talk to in our company is VERY proud to have brave people
Such as you, who have put yourselves in harm’s way, so that we, in the USA can continue our lives without fear of
Being attacked.
I know you hear day after day, that the war is lost, no one cares, everyone is against you, but, that is far from the
Truth. I have never been so proud as I am, knowing that you are over there, helping a country struggle with the idea
That all men are created equal, and that freedom does not come cheap. There is no better legacy than helping another
Human being pull themselves out of the abyss of a dictatorship, into a democracy.
I make it a point, that anytime I am in public, and see a person in uniform, to shake their hand and say thank you.

Know that all of you are in our prayers, we thank you for the sacrifices that you have made, and that we hope for
Your safe return soon.

God bless!

To: Our US Troops

Do not be discouraged. Your profession and mission are admirable. I truly believe the majority of Americans support you and your efforts. I and my family do, as well as my friends and neighbors. I'm sick of the press and their distorted message but you must not let it get you down. They are WRONG.

You guys are my heroes. I'm sure bringing democracy to the middle east is tough, but do not lose sight of the real reason you're there. The fight against global terrorism and the fight against radical Islam. Fight the good fight, and God bless.


I don’t know what to say but thank you for putting your life on the line every minute of every day so that I am able to raise my children in the greatest country in the world. It is the greatest country in the world thanks to men and women like you. I know it seems like what’s going on over there isn’t a very popular thing but there is one thing you need to know. God forbid something should happen over here while you are there, there are many men like me that will stand to protect your family with whatever it may take until you return. My family and I say many prayers for all the men and women serving to protect and uphold the freedoms we have in this country of ours. I’m really at a loss as to what else to say but thank you.

Dear Dave,

I have no idea who you are, or even what your real name is, other than that you are someone that Vince thinks well of and is concerned about, and that is enough for me.

Vince said you are going through a difficult time. Somehow I bet that is a necessary understatement. You know there is nothing more and nothing less that I can do other than drop you this line, and lift you up in prayer (which I will do).

I want to let you know that I, and others like me, appreciate what you are doing even if we never see it, and even though often our media don't give us the full picture of the good you are doing. We have a volunteer Army and you chose to be a part of it. I believe you chose to become a part of it for reasons of honor and integrity, not as an escape-valve for some anti-social streak or because you could not read well and had no other opportunities (thank you, Steven King).

You have a job that I cannot begin to fathom. You are faced each day with images you would rather not see; a cacaphony you would rather not hear; odors you would rather not smell; concussive changes in air pressure that our bodies were not designed to endure; and with necessary tasks that in a perfect world would be unnecessary. Thank you for what you do.

You put yourself in harm's way because you believe that what you are doing is just, and that your actions are making the possibility of a better life for many. If you are Vince's friend, then I know you see yourself as a servant, both of our nation and also of those for whose lives and liberty you fight today.

You continue to face this day to day, while a few in our nation work to undermine your efforts and steal the dignity of your service (they cannot--they merely display their own lack of dignity); they attempt to do this primarily for their own political gain, though some do it from an innocent ignorance, a naivete that does not accept how human being really believe and what is necessary to protect the vulnerable. They do it while saying they support you, while they do not support your mission.

I support you and your mission, Sir. To paraphrase Martin Luther (not King, but the guy some 500 years ago), he was not certain as a christian that he had the right to use deadly force to defend his own life; but he was certain that he was OBLIGATED to use deadly force if necessary to protect the life of another. I believe that is why you do what you do. Solomon wrote, essentially, that what is there that is better for men than to enjoy the work of their hands while on this earth...

There are those who would look at the Soldier and say, "He or she may take pride in the results of their deeds, but should never enjoy their deeds." Dave, I don't see it that way and I hope that whatever enjoyment God gives you, whatever pride in a job well done, whatever excitement and rush of adrenaline as all your resources are engaged in your task...I hope you take not only pride but also enjoyment, as much as it is possible. If it feels good to accomplish something difficult, even if your actions result in harm or loss to others--enjoy your accomplishment. Do not let others take your enjoyment away from you, but thank God for gifting you to be effective in your calling.

You don't need forgiveness for what you do, but you do need a place of solice and rest and comfort when possible, and a reserve of strength and encouragement at all times. "The king does not bear the sword in vain" is how the Apostle Paul put it. Likewise neither do you, and I pray that your presence and those of your fellow-soldiers will be a terror to your enemies, and that God will set them to flight before you. Would I rather see all men everywhere lay down their arms, beat them into plowshares and (kum-ba-ya, hand me a coke) live in harmony? Of course--but that is not the world in which we live. Instead where others say, "No, that is not my problem," or, "No, that is too dangerous," men like you step into the gap and fight for those who are too weak to defend themselves. As you have heard, during the last century with all our military victories, our nation has never asked for more ground from another nation than that which is necessary to bury our fallen. We truly are unique in that, and men like you are what make us unique.

I hope that as you close your eyes you might say, "God, this is not the world that I would like it to be, nor is this a task I would undertake except of necessity, but I thank you for calling me to this mission and equipping me. Guide and lead me. Strenghthen those around me through your life in me. Teach me in all things to be humble...and humbly to thank you for equipping me for this role today. As your servant David said, "Is there not a cause?" Yes, there is a cause, and thank you for calling me to it."

Dave, do all you do as unto the Lord. Take joy in what you do, and at the same time cast the cares you have on the shoulders of God. Let him do your caring for you while you focus on the task at hand. In those quiet moments, though, when there is some respite from the living hell that surrounds you, let the life of your Lord shine through you and continue to guide you; preach always, and when absolutely necessary, say something. In whatever part of the world you find yourself, when you touch a life and he/she sees that you are no monster, but a servant of righteousness, he/she will be touched by God and shown (whethery they acknowledge it or not) that you are there for their good, and that the love of God and the values of our Republic drive you.

I hope that today you see something that encourages you or gives you a measure of peace. I hope that the thought of completing your task and returning home sustains you. I hope that you can feel proud of the job you are doing and let no one take that pride from you. I hope that as you lay your head down you can sleep deeply and well, knowing that you are fulfilling your calling and have nothing to be ashamed of, but only to be proud of. I hope that you inspire others around you and draw strenght from them, and I hope that your deepest desires are met in due time.

Thank you for serving our nation. We are not worthy of such as you, yet there you of yourself each day and night. All we can say is "Thank you."

Everyday I wake up, I thank God that you are there for my family, and my country. I wanted, want, to join you in arms against the tyrany of Islamism, however my life was guided down a different path. The path of family. Thank you for taking the battle to them, so I don't have to worry too much about them taking the battle to my wife, my child, my parents, my in-laws, friends. God bless you and your brothers and sisters in arms. We will stand by you, as you stand up for Freedom.